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Choosing the right make up sponge!

Choosing the right make up sponge is a very personal choice.

With so many make up sponges on the market, it can be a jungle out there to pick the right one for you. There must be something about the texture that you like, the way the sponge washes, the way it lies in the hand, whether the sponge material is Latex and perfume free, how quickly the sponge dries, whether it is soft to the touch, bouncy or more rubbery and firm. And indeed this little invention for applying make up is something special. It makes applying make up super quick and easy. Gone are the days of streaky make up application done with a brush. The effect a make up sponge gives is very hard to emulate with a brush and this is why make up sponges are so popular.

The most well known make up sponge is the Beautyblender, a long-time favourite sponge of many make up lovers. It’s the teardrop shape that makes it a very nice tool to work with. Many manufacturers have based their make up sponges on this shape and there are several variations on the market. As this particular sponge shape is so popular, Spongedry, has been developed and designed to fit this sponge shape to a ‘T’. The Beautyblender fits perfectly in Spongedry whether it is wet or dry.

When money is no object, the Beautyblender is a wonderful make up sponge but also for the smaller budget there are plenty of great make up sponges to choose from. Around the $6.99 price mark, you can get a great quality make up sponge. The only thing that matters is what you are looking for in the sponge and what type of material you prefer.

For example Superdrug’s B. Latex free blending sponge is a great make up sponge. It is bouncy, denser than the Beautyblender sponge, but it performs great, washes well and it also fits very nicely in a Spongedry.

L’Oreal has come out with a great shape foundation blender! Just like the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender, the teardrop shape with flat side is a great all-round shape and gives many options to apply foundation and concealer. Both the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender and the L’Oreal Infaillible foundation blender look lovely in Spongedry. Again, it is about personal preference.

The Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender is more porous, very soft when wet, feels very gentle on the skin and spreads foundation and concealer very easily.

The L’Oreal Infaillible foundation blender is more dense and very firm, feels a bit more rubbery and will take a bit longer to dry but an excellent sponge and gives equally good results.

All the mentioned make up sponges are fantastic choices to apply any type of make up with. It’s what your personal preference and budget is. The Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender comes FREE with Spongedry and this makes it a great way of trying it out.

The main thing is that with Spongedry you can give any make up sponge, whether it is a Basic Beauty Tools one or a make up sponge from another brand, a very stylish place to store and dry it hygienically. Spongedry also makes a make up sponge look like the most precious jewel in anyone’s vanity or make up room! It is easy to take with you on travels, as it collapses completely flat with the touch of a finger, fits in any make up bag and makes your sponge look good in a hotel bath room! We don’t mind which sponge you use, what matters is that you take good care of them in a Spongedry!

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