How to use the Foundation Blender

There are different ways to use a Foundation Blender. You can either use this little beauty tool dry or you can use it dampened. The most used way of using a sponge style make up applicator is to use it when it has been dampened under running water and all the liquid has been squeezed out. To achieve its puffy expanded state, the best thing to do is to squeeze the sponge a few times holding it under the running tap water. The Foundation Blender will then expand to its maximum size and this will result in a very fluffy, soft texture. Because the Foundation Blender has expanded to its biggest size it will give you a bigger surface to work with. It also gives you a better manageability and control in holding the sponge.

The difference in size is quite substantial as you can see in these pictures of our Foundation Blender. The left side shows a dry Foundation Blender and the right side shows the Foundation Blender after it has been dampened.

The other nice thing you will see is that our Spongedry holder, to keep your sponge nicely stored is designed in such a way that the rings hug the dampened sponge so that it sits snugly in Spongedry to keep it away from bacteria and to ensure that only your make up will touch your face! We do recommend that you clean your Foundation Blender with a mild soap and tepid water regularly to keep the sponge material nice and clean. 


Once your sponge is ready to use, there are several ways you can use the Foundation Blender. You can use it where the Foundation Blender picks up the make up or concealer either from your hand or directly from the tube or from a plastic pallet as shown by Amy Miranda (YouTube AmyMirandaMakeup).

 Amy Miranda showed this way of application in a recent video.


The other way is to apply little dots of foundation all over your face and then dab with the Foundation Blender to spread the foundation over the skin to get an even application.

This way of applying foundation with our Foundation Blender has been shown by Marnie Goldberg (YouTube MsGoldgirl) in the video below.

Once you have found your preferred technique of applying the foundation, whether it is directly onto the sponge or with little dots on your face, you can then either dab or drag and sweep the foundation over the skin to achieve a flawless and seamless complexion. For those who love to try these application methods, why not buy our Spongedry. It comes with a complimentary Foundation Blender and is only USD 18.99. Please let us know your tips and tricks on how you love to use your Foundation Blender.

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