Festive Sparklers! Gift ideas that Wow!

November 13, 2017

Only a few weeks to go before Christmas is here! Cold days, mullet wine and sitting near the fire place to keep warm. The lovely smell of pine and warm blankets to keep you warm. Decorating the Christmas tree is what brings the Christmas spirit come to life. It’s also the season of giving and planning ahead will mean there is more time to enjoy the moment with family and friends. We have a few very special gift suggestions for these special days. Wish lists at the ready, as who doesn’t want a www.charlottesimone.com Popsicle cuff, stole or scarf. These are so gorgeous and fluffy, they will brighten up any outfit. Besides real fur at around £200 they are also available in faux fur from £150. A very special gift which will be treasured forever. Our favourite is the Polly Pop in Pink! 



A gift which is sensual and evokes a special memory is the gift of scent. Jo Malone’s perfumes are wonderful in that you can wear them on their own or layer them to create your individual creation to create a scent that is so unique and so you. We like to play around with Lime, Basic & Mandarin Cologne and Pomegranate Noir Cologne or English pear and freesia Cologne. At 30ml for £45 these are wonderful gifts. Visit Jo Malone at www.jomalone.com to choose from their extensive range of evocative perfumes and try playing around with layering the different fragrance combinations.  


Keeping it simple and basic but wanting to give a gift that is organic and helps to target multiple skin problems is ‘summerlove’ scrub www.summerlove.com.au  A gift that get’s anyone’s beauty regime of to a good start. Summer love, scrubbing is good to treat acne, stretch marks, ingrown hairs, scars, dry skin or eczema with coffee beans, rosehip oil, macadamia oil, brown sugar and sea salt this Australian beauty product is fantastic to clear up any skin. A great gift at 18 AUD. They ship worldwide and with code: beauty10 you will receive have 10% off at check out until November 30th.


At House of Trends (www.house-of-trends.nl) there is so much to choose from and will be well received under the Christmas tree. Our favourites are their Hermes inspired wallet EUR 17.50 and you can’t go wrong with their Luck and blue multi-coloured earrings at EUR 17.50 Gorgeous gifts for giving or to splash out on yourself.


Festive suggestions for fabulous days with family and friends with time to build memories and have a good time. Of course our Spongedry will be a good gift too! When you buy a Spongedry it comes with our signature Foundation Blender and cute little travel pouch. With discount code: FESTIVE you will receive a surprise discount until 30th of November and as it is FREE shipping November at www.basicbeautytools.com this is the time to prepare for Christmas!




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