Dreaming of faraway places..

February 23, 2018



Holidays are for enjoying new cultures, new foods, nice temperatures, new experiences. A quick weekend trip can also be just what anyone needs to recharge batteries. Some people can do without lives little luxuries, but we at Basic Beauty Tools, like to keep our beauty routine just as enjoyable on holiday as when we do our makeup at home.

That’s why we made Spongedry collapsible and included a handy little travel pouch to make it easy to travel with. Compact and so easy to use, you will feel at home in any location once you have unpacked your suitcase.

Whether it is the South of France, Italy or Spain the one thing you can do to keep your skin looking great is to take care of your beauty tools whilst on holiday too!


With Spongedry you will notice that your makeup sponge doesn’t get moldy anymore and it will not harbor that many bacteria and we promise your holiday skin will love you for it.  

A new product, which we are currently developing and hope to introduce to you very soon, is our Spongeclean, liquid sponge cleanser. To use together with Spongedry, your Foundation Blender will be clean and ready before and after every use, even when you are away on holiday.

We can’t wait to tell more about it and are very excited for the launch. No dirty sponges, even on holidays we hope you will enjoy using our products together as your new go to basic routine. We are sure that you’ll find that a clean sponge will make all the difference.

In anticipation of the launch of Spongeclean we have a great offer running. When you buy a Spongedry ($18.99) any Foundation Blender( normally $6.99) will be half the price. Be sure to use code: HALFPRICE at checkout.

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