Beauty and a Tool

March 5, 2018

A tool to assure your makeup and sponge only touches your face and nothing else.

Celebrating all the mums out there on Mother’s Day with a little help from Basic Beauty Tools. Sure to delight any mum with something new in beauty that works and is easy to use. On the Basic Beauty Tools website: we have a special offer going on to make any mother’s day a special occasion. When you buy a Spongedry, you can get an extra Foundation Blender for half the price with code: HALFPRICE. Our Spongedry holder comes standard with a Foundation Blender but as we recommend renewing a Foundation Blender every three to five months (depending on use), it might be good to buy a backup Foundation Blender when you can get them at 50% off. The minimum spent to activate this offer, is $18.99.

See how easy a Spongedry is to use and what an elegant way it is to hygienically care for your cosmetic sponges. To show them off in a pretty way and be assured that it has only touched your face and nothing else. This modern way to store any teardrop shaped beauty blender will make you use your makeup sponge more often as in a Spongedry your cosmetic sponge is ready when you are. The HALFPRICE offer is a great way to try out a Spongedry and buy a backup Foundation Blender at the same time.

Don’t share your Foundation Blender with bacteria or creepy crawlers or mold. It’s only your face it’s supposed to touch. It’s a makeup essential and can’t be without item. Let Dutch YouTuber Cynthia Koning show you how to use Spongedry and Foundation Blender. Once you are hooked it is the best way to start your makeup day.

We know you will love it too! Enjoy this beautiful nifty little tool in black, purple or pink. You choose at: Buy with our HALFPRICE offer or use Cynthia’s discount code: BEAUTYKONING to receive 15% discount off your entire order!



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