How to find the best beauty blender sponge?

March 9, 2018

When there are so many sponges to choose from it can be a tough job to find the best make up sponge. There are ways to help you find the right one. When you are in the shop there are things to look out for which will help finding the best beauty blender for you. The three guides we use to find the best beauty sponge are:


1. Touch. Try to squeeze the sponge. Even if it is through the packaging. This gives you an idea if you are dealing with a hard-bouncy gummy ball type material or a more soft and gentle foundation blender. With makeup application being one of the early morning activities, applying it with a bouncing hard gummy ball might not be the nicest thing to feel on your face, first thing in the morning. A softer material means a gentler experience of putting on your face for the day.

2. Shape. Note that makeup sponges come in all sizes and all shapes. It’s what you want to use it for that matters. The teardrop shape is the most sought-after shape as it offers an array of uses but there are many more to choose from. Noteworthy is that our Spongedry holder will hold a variety of sponge shapes and you would never need to be without a hygienic way to store your beauty sponge.

3. Texture. Look and see whether the texture of the makeup sponge is dense and fine or whether the foundation blender has a more loose and open texture. A dense and fine texture means that the sponge will stay tougher even if when it is made damp. Also, to take into consideration is that some foundations need to be worked into the skin to give that perfect skin like finish. A beauty sponge made from a dense and fine material will not do this as well. You could end up with a patchy overall result. Our preference goes to a more open loose textured Foundation Blender sponge. This will give a much more pleasant experience on the skin and makes it easier to work the foundations and concealer into the skin. A softer sponge makes it easier to swish the product around and the results will be a more even makeup application.

Try to compare a few sponges when you are in the shop. If you can compare the texture of a Beauty Blender & a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge, then you will see that the Beauty Blender foundation sponge has a much more open cell structure and is very airy and fluffy and soft to the touch. When you look at The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge you will see that the cell structure of the makeup sponge is smaller and that the sponge material is more dense and firm to the touch than the Beauty Blender makeup sponge. Both these beauty sponges still give a very nice and comfortable feel to the skin when you use them to apply makeup.

Comparing these sponges with the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender, you'll find that the BBT Foundation Blender sponge has a texture and feel that sits just in between the middle of these two fantastic makeup sponges. In our opinion, that gives our Sponges the best of both worlds – soft to the touch, a medium cell structure that does not absorb too much foundation but deposit it just where your face needs it and is very easy to clean. We’d say try it out now! Use code: FB15 for 15% off our Foundation Blenders at




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