Pores or not!

Why is it important for a makeup sponge to be porous.

First of all, makeup blenders need to be soft and gently on the skin. Like a sweet caress or gentle touch. Nice and soft and don’t tug when you swipe or bounce them over your face. Tugging needs to be avoided as this could cause premature aging and wrinkles. A soft sponge with a little bit of bounce is the best type of sponge to use.


The other important thing, why your makeup sponge needs those micro pores is that it will be able to take up product. Although you don’t want your foundation blender to slurp up your expensive foundation or concealer - after all, everyone wants their foundation to last them a few months - a beauty blender does need to have the ability to pick up product in order to deposit on the skin. When your blender has a dense, close cell structure which looks like a very smooth surface you can be sure that it does not take up product very well. To use a makeup sponge that is very dense and has a smooth surface you can run the risk of a streaky makeup application that looks unnatural and mask like. A more open pore structure in the sponge will see to it that your makeup will look more natural, and also it will work more with you when you would need to cover up a blemish as the sponge material mimics the pores of the skin.

The need to go for a medium porous type of sponge is also important when you are cleaning your sponge. The sponge needs to be porous enough that when you wash it, you know and feel that your cleanser reaches all the little pores and goes right in there to clean out the left over makeup, dead skin cells and unwanted bacteria build up that has lodged in the pores of the sponge.

And finally, your beauty blender needs to be made of the type of sponge material that is nice and breathable that when you do decide to put in in one of our Spongedry holders, it is able to breathe and dry quickly all the way right to the core of the sponge. The medium pore size we have chosen for our sponges is the ideal texture. When choosing the texture of the Basic Beauty Tools sponges, we made sure that it is an easy material to work with, that it takes no effort to clean and that it dries super fast to avoid creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Try and compare!  With mothers day coming up we there is FREE shipping until the end of May 2018! Just use code: FREE at www.basicbeautytools.com. 



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