Spongedry and Foundation Blender on QVC

August 8, 2018

QVC's Beauty Night

We are very pleased to see our Spongedry and Foundation Blender make an appearance on live TV in QVC Germany’ Beauty Night. It was lovely to see Angela Julie explain the benefits of the Spongedry and the Foundation Blender.

Beauty Night is on QVC on Monday's and Thursday's from 8pm local time. Every Beauty Night, beauty products are explained in depth and demonstrated how to use. 

These Beauty Nights are fantastic to gain in depth knowledge on how to use new beauty products. With Spongedry the benefits are clear, as it hygienically stores a makeup sponge in a stylish stand to let the air dry your foundation blender quickly and evenly. The quicker your cosmetic sponge dries, the less likely it is that mouldy patches appear or that bacteria can multiply. The cleaner you can keep your sponge the better it is for your skin.

As shown on Beauty Night, the Spongedry holder is developed to cater for a damp expanded makeup sponge as well as a dry makeup sponge. The rings are designed to hug the makeup sponge's curves when it is big and the small bottom ring will keep your sponge nice and snug once it has dried and returned to its smaller shape.

Once you have used a Spongedry stand you don't want to use anything else for your makeup blender. It really is the best way to take care of it. Although Spongedry can be used with any round bottomed shaped cosmetic sponge, we think our Foundation Blender is the most versatile on the market. A shape that is designed to hug the face and a pointy tip and flat side to reach the areas round the eyes and nose. 

We stand for the one blender does it all philosophy. Why fiddle around with different shapes and sponges when you can do your entire makeup with one!  Your makeup application will be so much easier and quicker when you use a shape like our Foundation Blender.

Use Foundation Blender near the eyes and keep on looking in the mirror to see what you are doing. When you only have 10 minutes it does matter how you use your beauty sponge. At QVC's Beauty Night they showed it all. To check out Spongedry and Foundation Blender on QVC, click here.




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