An evening of Halloween

October 30, 2018

Mystery is upon us!

Tomorrow a cloud of mystery darkness will come upon us. If you haven't sorted out your Halloween costume then an all black look with a spider web curtain draped over will make a great Halloween basic which will not make you look out of place at Halloween parties. Then the easy option is to be creative with your makeup. That's why we love Halloween, we love spicing up our makeup. With amazing makeup, you might not even need a costume at all!

Vampy makeup

Vamp your makeup up with a few basics to create a spooky look. Most of these basic you would already have in your makeup stash. Basic for any Halloween makeup is black eyeliner or black eyeliner pencils. Another staple to have for a creepy Halloween look is white eyeliner. Lot's of black mascara and false lashes. Buy a cheap foundation and concealer in a much lighter color and use lots of glitter to your hearts content. Or if you really want that pasty white look, buy a Halloween makeup kit which are everywhere, but we found a few at Poundland for only £1. Click here if you want to have a closer look. Use our darkest of dark black Foundation Blender to blend everything seamlessly together to make it look as if you just walked from the set of the Adams family. It is now available with 35% off with code: SPOOKYBLACK at 

After Dark

After dark makeup removers. Magic your makeup away with these strong and effective eye and makeup removers. Get going with Nivea Eye Makeup Remover Double Effect and use Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil to gently massage and loosen makeup particles and use Cotton Wool Pads to wipe away even the darkest makeup Hollotastic creations. Then use Garnier's Miscellar water to take away any residual makeup particles and then follow up with YourGoodSkin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser to be assured that all the makeup has been removed. Follow up with your usual nourishing evening lotions and potions to be assured that your skin wakes up happy as per a miracle the next morning.


Spooky offer

Wash your tools with Spongeclean and put your makeup sponge in a Spooktactic darkest of black Spongedry for it to dry up and be ready for the job the day after. This mystic black Spongedry is now also 35% off when you use the code: SPOOKYBLACK at checkout!




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