The guide to makeup application

February 7, 2019

Brushes vs. Sponges vs. Fingers What is the difference


Everyone has a favorite way of applying makeup but which way is best or which way is best when applying certain products. As a rule of thumb, we can say that it is the product that defines mostly what method of application is used best.



When you use your fingers you would get a more concentrated placement of product and it is also good to use it with products that needs to be warmed up a bit to blend. Fingers are very good to use with stick concealers or creme blushes as the warmth of the hands makes those type of products more blend-able and easier to use. Fingers are little precision tools they are fantastic when you want to cover a little bit extra in the corner of your eyes with concealer. Try to always apply your makeup with clean, washed hands. Although fingers can be a great tool, they are maybe not so ideal when it comes to keeping bacteria away from your products and or face and transfer them back and forth from skin to product and vice versa.





A brush gives more coverage and with brushes it is also important to find the right brush for the job. Flat foundation brushes are great for placing foundation on the face but not so much of use for buffing the foundation in the skin. A buffing brush or a densely packed handle brush is needed and is very good for spreading the product over the skin and buffing it into the skin for a seamless application. The flat foundation brush usually required some extra work with either fingers or help from a buffing brush to work the product in the skin. If you don't you run the risk of having streaky makeup. The buffing brushes are ideal for working the product over the face and to achieve a flawless application.



Our ideal way of applying everything is the sponge. You would need to dampen it before you use the sponge but once you have your blending sponge prepped, you can do everything with it from applying your foundation and concealer to building up your creme blusher. The advantage with using a sponge is that the end result is virtually flawless and looks like natural skin and your makeup will last all day. Another plus with sponges is that it will take you half the time to do your makeup and with a blending sponge you can build up the coverage if you would want a more made up look. The only thing with a sponge is that you would need to take a bit more care with hygiene and wash it regularly and also replacing it in time to avoid bacteria and dirt building up and to avoid mold developing on your beauty blender sponge. 


In the end it is up to you what and how you are applying your makeup and it is hugely dependent on what type of product you use. When you go for a quick makeup application we would advise to use the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender to start with and then use a brush to apply under eye concealer or conceal little spots. Use your ring finger to dab the concealer


seamlessly into the corners of your eyes and into your makeup. Use all the tools that are at your disposal to achieve your flawless look. Keep an eye out for special offers as we know, makeup application tools are expensive and it is worth it to buy when there is an offer going on. From Friday 22 February until Sunday 24th of February with code; SALE35 you'll receive 35% off at checkout on all Basic Beauty Tools products at




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