Rethink your makeup spending habits!

June 17, 2019

Buying makeup is expensive. A high-end eye shadow or foundation can easily set you back $75 per product. For example, Tom Fords beautiful four quad eye shadow palette costs $85 and a lipstick from the same brand will cost you $50 and if you go to high-end trendy brand of the moment Charlotte Tilbury where, just one lipstick will set you back $30. If your standard makeup and beauty kit consists of only high end products you could have spent a small fortune on it. Let's not forget these are products that have an expiration date and although an eye shadow or lipstick will last a very long time but still you would need to part with it as after two years the product will have expired. For mascara's expiry dates are even more important to keep in check as using these longer than 3 months is not recommended as it can increase the chance of conjunctivitis or other infections.


Let's look at products you would need for your basic skin care and basic makeup on a yearly basis:

Care products per year:


Makeup remover 2x, Eye makeup remover 4x, Facial wash 2x, Facial tonic 1x, Face moisturizer 2x, Day cream with SPF 2x, Night serums 2x, Night cream 2x, Eye cream 2x, Face scrub/exfoliation 2x




Makeup products you would need for a year:


Primer 2x, Foundation 4x, Concealer 2x, Colour corrector 1x, Eye brow pencil 5x, Eye shadow palette (based on using 4 palettes in rotation) 4x, Mascara 4x, Facial setting powder 1x, Contour powder 1x, Bronzer 1x, Blusher 3x (based on changing blush colour 3 times a year), Lip liner 4x, Lipstick 2x, Lip gloss 1x



The price breakdown:


When you would have used all products from eg Tom Ford. The brand does not do a facial tonic, night cream or exfoliator, so you would need to still buy those from somewhere else, your annual spend based on the amount of products mentioned above would be $3872.88 If you think that Chanel is more your type of brand, your annual spend would be $3548.14. The brand does not seem to sell a contour powder, and presumably the bronzer would need to double up as a contour and if you would buy all Dior your annual expenditure would be $3690.37, whilst all Charlotte Tilbury products would set you back $1867.84 Charlotte's makeup remover is a makeup remover and facial cleanser consisting of two cleansing products so you would not need to buy a separate facial cleanser or tonic. The brand does not seem to sell a day cream with an SPF in it so you would still need to buy that separately. And as the brand is not offering any skin care serums you would need to source that from somewhere else too. 


Now, if you would replace all these high-priced items with reliable and trusted high street brands, your annual spend would just be $264.04 for the same products. 

The difference would almost mean you'd save up to go on a well-earned break with your family with having enough spending money as well. It is quite tempted to get lured into buying products that are packaged in such a beautiful way. Are advertised in such a tempting way and of which you'll see influencers being showered with in videos on far away dream destinations on invitation of these high-end brands. You could see it as if they are taking a holiday on your expense when you see how much you could save by choosing the cheaper version of a product. Also, a lot of these higher prices items have the same ingredients in them as the cheaper high street versions. Next blog we will examine what these ingredients are and what they do and whether they really are that expensive, so they validate their price point. 


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